Friday, January 26, 2007

Web wisdom needed

In trying to ask what Spinning Babies Web readers need I find that the lack of comments may have to do with not having the blog linked on my website!

What I need is web wisdom.

Jen's Lactavist blog is charming. Found a smart preview of shoulder dystocia techniques and added a post myself.

There is also a deeply sad and precious gift in sharing on the web, and that is hearing the stories of parents who have lost a child. Each time I hear from such a parent I am so sad that I am so slow at getting information out there.
So much to say and such need. We hold the world in each of our hands. We must do, to help.
It makes my limitations so much more harsh and painful.

Jen's blog is at

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Spinning Babies Lady said...

Reviewing my blog I saw what I wrote on this date, Jan. 26, about parents grieving the loss of their babies and sharing it on the web.

Two days later, my own dear Goddaughter lost her baby at one month of age. SIDS.

People immediately ask which risk factors there were for this tiny boy. Be careful. Logic erases compassion. We don't really get to know why. One person has a risk factor another doesn't. It is in not knowing that we are free to exercise our love.

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