Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What do you need?

I often wonder what the readers of Spinning Babies Website need. How could the main site be better for you personally?
This is an informal survey. Please post a comment to tell me what would make this site better so that you can find the information you want about fetal positioning. I have more ideas than capabilities, but your response would help me get motivated!


Melissa said...

Hi there,
I'm Melissa D. SC. I just found out that I am expecting #4 October 4th of '07. I am 39 right now and will be 40 3 weeks after giving birth. I have been married just shy of 6 years and I have a 4.5dd, a 2ds and a 1ds. I saw your site about 2 months ago for the first time and wished I had seen it for the birth of my other babies. This is the first time that I saw this link to come here and read up.....My question today, and you might be able to direct me to where it is already listed somewhere....what are examples of ways for me to be sitting as alternatives to a couch or rocking glider. Would you suggest going out and purchasing an exercise ball to sit on, would you suggest sitting on a kitchen chair turned around backwards so my belly hangs more forward?....just some alternatives, what about sitting on the floor, what would be the best position there? I am going to go back through some more and read your blog as soon as I am done here...Thanks so much for trying to get this information out on the web.

Spinning Babies Lady said...

Yes, Melissa,
Good sense seldom needs a recommendation! You've got your positions right. Sitting tailor style on the floor works well, anything symmetrical.
Read Pregnancy and Common Questions, instead of the blog for this type of information. Check out Posture in Pregnancy.
Have a great birth!

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