Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Stormy night

What a storm last night. I was up at 2 30 am writing for my website and thinking of falling over into bed. Then I heard the sirens of the town to the west of us. Soon a rushing sound came from the west. It got louder and closer. Not real fast, slow enough to track it with my comprehension, but faster than a car.
I peered out the front window into the night. The oak branches were blowing wildly in the street light. I heard the rushing wind coming east on 106th street, the gap through the trees.
Lightening was flashing so bright and so fast that I thought my retinas would be harmed by it!
Sudden'y the wind rushed up the hill, past the street light and filled Humboldt with whirling mist, rain and dust. I couldn't tell if i were seeing the bottom of a funnel cloud or not so I pressed my nose closer to the window,... yeah. Good, no it wasn't a funnel cloud, but a wall of rain and wind that seemed contained like a movie trick.

Then the wind and rain came into the yard. Not just the wind that was here in the night blowing the trees, this was a wall of wind that hit the house and made the windows rattle and the walls groan. Light hail began rat a tat tating the house.

I got a bit nervous and went upstairs to shut windows and wake VIc. I checked Gairm's windows and woke him. Niether wanted to go to the basement. Gairm rolled over.

Vic came down stairs and by then, the storm seemed like a regular thunder storm. In 5 minutes it was a rain storm and five minutes after than a sprinkle, then silent.

Gairm's school was canceled as they have no power. We do, thankfully. Maybe we are on the powerline that goes to the emergency siren a block away. It diden't go off so Vic went back to bed last night!

What a series of storms going around. Seems like someone has a temper.

August 27, 1983

I just wanted to say that yesterday was Faith's 24th birthday. I was expecting to film her birth when the midwife was quite late and I found my self catching Faith. She was the first baby I caught and she made a dramatic appearance as a frank breech. Her Apgars were 10-10. She seemed mad --maybe because I was imploring her Mama, my friend, to pant when she wanted to push. We were waiting for the midwife (only to find out that she was already there). Its a fun story, but that's enough for tonight. The lights are wavering, the thunder is approaching and the town to the west has blared its tornado warning siren.

Faith, if you are out there reading this. I love you for letting me catch you. Its made all the difference in my life!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Better titles are needed for posterior topics

Three second-time moms have just contacted me with the same basic question. Two are 39 weeks pregnant and one was a little less. Each just discovered her baby is posterior. Each ask if something can be done to avoid another long labor with back ache, like their first posterior labors. One's physician offered her a cesarean just because of the posterior starting position so she switched physicians.

My web site had this information. Evidently, the information isn't accessible. I looked over my site and saw why. My titles are not discriptive enough. Sometimes I develop the subject beyond the scope of the title and so a viewer doesn't know where to look.

Improvements must be made. And will be. Meanwhile, try the search tool, reading The Three Principles and What to do when.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Breech unassisted

Two weeks ago there were two couples in the Twin Cities Metro area with plans for unassisted home birth. Both couples discovered their babies were breech. They didn't know each other and I only met one couple. That couple called me suspecting their baby was breech.

This mom had used my web site in the past, so she looked up what she could find on breech position. They stopped over, being local, and we reviewed the inversion technique she was using and modified it slightly. I showed her husband how to do a sacral release (s0mething I learned from Deb McLaughlin in Duluth and Carol Phillips, now in Annapolis, MD).

Three days later her baby flipped head down.

The grapevine brought news of the other couple. They decided to have someone help them. Not having talked with them directly, I do not know who. She didn't seem to be a midwife or anyone we midwives knew. I don't know what her experience with breech birth was. I don't know if she knew what makes a breech birth work and what doesn't. I don't know if she knew how to return the head to a flexed position. I don't know if she memorized breech maneuvers. I don't know if she understood the principles behind them.

The baby got stuck and passed away before the helper could figure out how to free him.

When a breech birth goes well the parents and helpers might wonder what the fuss is about breech birth. Stories appear on the internet and birthing magazines about breech birth at home, sometimes unattended. Breech babies don't always survive a cesarean either.
Head down babies don't always make it either, for that matter.

When I heard that a breech baby died at home recently I rushed to call the couple I met. I didn't say a thing about the rumor. Just, hi, I'm checkin' in. How are you? She still felt the baby head down and kicking. Whew.

Meanwhile there is a family out there somewhere grieving. I don't know who you are, but I'm grieving with you.

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