Saturday, November 29, 2008

Referring to Spinning Babies

Chiropractors and Midwives, doulas and childbirth educators, Hypnobirthers and; it seems like Spinning Babies is getting referrals from all over the birthing world.

What makes Spinning Babies useful? What would you like to see more of?

Let's dialogue. Join the Spinning Babies Facebook group. Or, comment here.

Here's today's fun email:
"thank you for your work--I send chiropractors to your site every weekend! it is such an awesome resource!

Jeanne Ohm, DC
ICPA Executive Coordinator"

See Dr. Jeanne Ohm speaking about natural birth and fetal rotation on You Tube. Click here for the video interview with Dr. Ohm.

My "niece" Melissa was in Orleans, California along the Salmon River when she met a midwife. Soon into the conversation they discovered their "Spinning Babies" connection. Melissa, Meaghann's sister via her Papa, has helped me in my office, and the midwife refers her moms to my site. A "chance" meeting shows just how prevalent Spinning Babies is becoming in the birth world.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Palpating today

Clare Welter and I were invited to palpate (feel with our hands) this Mama's baby both yesterday and today. Clare took these photos today.

Yesterday the baby was breech. I asked to attend the Ultrasound today and if I could palpate again, before the ultrasound, to draw a picture of what position the baby seemed to be in. Then we could compare the ultrasound picture with my palpation.

Here we are at the couple's home before the appointment.

Happily, the baby flipped head-down during the night!

Sadly, we weren't allowed to take pictures in the ultrasound room.

After palpating I drew the Belly Map.

Here's before and after...

See more about breech babies flipping to a head down position at the Spinning Babies Website.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Midwives and Spinning Babies

For those of us who learned midwifery before the late 90s, before the fusion of midwifery education with the homebirth world, before doulas and Penny Simkin's physical therapy techniques came to the aid of birthing women,
the idea of midwife-directed techniques for labor progress seemed out of step with homebirth. Concern about a baby's position was sometimes seen as a betrayal of trust in the natural course of birth.

Yet, there is a tradition of midwifery to help women come into their natural attunement with nature. When our culture distorts the alignment of womens' bodies, by too much sitting, sitting with poor posture, crossing our legs, repeatedly stepping on the car's accelerator, etc., then it is certainly within the midwives role to help bring attention to the resulting malposition and help give the mother ideas to restore her alignment.

Spinning Babies is the active part of patience.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Home Birth Surge

New York Times Home and Garden section featured an article on homebirth- Bringing Baby Home.

" 2006 home births accounted for only one-half of 1 percent of the city’s 125,506 reported births. But local midwives say they have been swamped with calls and requests in recent months, in some cases increasing their workload from two, three or four deliveries a month to as many as 10."

The surge is attributed to Ricki Lake's Business of Being Born. Go, Ricki.
Here in Minnesota, we hear our parents cite both BOBB and Orgasmic Birth by Debra Pascali-Bonaro as inspiration to seek our homebirth services in the Twin Cities.

Changing the Earth by supporting Birth

Mothers bring forth life; medical corporations do not. Birth can be simple, powerful and loving. Fetal positioning, natural birthing and practical help for normal birth.