Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Duluth is so BOLD

Duluth's Northland Birth Network presented an amazing trio of BOLD performances this past weekend. Actually, four performances; the first was a private showing for medical professionals. How brilliant is that?

Birth on Labor Day (BOLD) has been a September statement for several years. Playright Karen Brody wrote the dynamic dialogue after interviewing 100 women about their birth experiences.

And after each performance, a panel of local parenting and birth professionals were available to take audience questions. Spinning Babies (lil old me) was there on the Sunday afternoon panel, after a short recovery from the Orgasmic Birth events. It was fun to hear the Duluth moms talk together in surprised voices, noting that "Spinning Babies" was right here in Minnesota! :)

Debra McLaughlin, Caralee (sorry I don't have Caralee's last name right now) and an energetic cast brought the social issues of American childbirth to light, spot light, that is. BOLD will be an annual Duluth event. Other birth activists hope to present BOLD in the Twin Cities next year, as well.

My step son's UCDavis research on Breast Milk

What an amazing journey for this young man.

My husband Vic's son, John, has been studying breast milk for a few years now. The team he works with just published.
In the article photo, you can see John in the back, to your left, bearded in the dark jacket- another handsome Froehlich man. He is getting his PhD in chemistry and was already published, some years ago, as a second researcher for inventing a better process to test for contamination of the Scotch Guard molecule which has permeated every drop of water in the world. He turned 27 this year. Ok, I'm bragging, even though I get absolutely no credit for any of it. Its just joy to see him on his journey.

"The one thing that has evolved with humans, to nourish humans, is breast milk," says J. Bruce German, a food science professor at the University of California, Davis. "It is the ideal evolutionary model for what nourishment should be."

Article Title:
Unraveling Breast Milk
Analytical scrutiny reveals how complex fluid nourishes infants and protects them from disease

September 29, 2008 Volume 86, Number 39 pp. 13-17

Article Location:

From Chemical & Engineering News http://www.cen-online.org
A service of the American Chemical Society.

Orgasmic Birth

The Minnesota screening of Debra Pascali-Bonaro's documentary, Orgasmic Birth; The best kept secret, was a delightful success. The Riverview Theater, last Thursday, September 25th, felt between a celebration and a family reunion. So many new families greeting their midwives and doulas with hugs and smiles.

Debra was delighted with the turn out. She said it was the biggest screening of Orgasmic Birth to date! About 500 people were estimated to be present.

Her two other talks, while smaller, were dynamic and far reaching. The Friday morning workshop on local, national and global action in maternity care is still reverberating in my mind.

DVDs can be purchased locally by emailing speebee@gmail. Credit cards are not able to be used right now...and you have to be in the Metro area where you can come pick up the DVD. Otherwise, sale of the Orgasmic Birth DVD is due on Debra's OrgasmicBirth.com site on Oct. 15th. We are selling the DVD for $40 as a fund raiser for several local groups.

Monday, September 8, 2008

AMA against homebirth, DONA for choice in birth

From the US News and World Report opinion page
Support for Home Births

You covered Ricki Lake's controversial documentary about homebirths which instigated a growing battle between the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), the American Medical Association (AMA), midwives, and patients ["Ricki Lake Fires Back in Debate on Home Birth," "On Women," usnews.com].

The conflict is about the perceived safety of home births and the use of Certified Professional Midwives (CPM) or "lay" midwives. Last month, the AMA issued a resolution asking for legislation against home births and against "lay" midwives. DONA International, the oldest and largest association of doulas in the world, represents the thousands of women who cherish their ability to choose where they give birth and with whom. We also question the evidence supporting the ACOG and the AMA's statements that "the safest setting for labor, delivery and the immediate post-partum period is in the hospital." The largest, most respected study of home births found that among 5,000 low-risk pregnancies, babies were delivered just as safely at home with a CPM as in a hospital. Because most doulas work with midwives and physicians in a hospital setting, DONA International has no financial interest in the outcome of such legislation called for by the AMA. Our interest is in the scientific evidence and in maintaining the conviction that pregnant women, just as all other patients, are intelligent enough to give informed consent.

Debbie Young
DONA International
Jasper, Ind.

Go, Debbie!

Changing the Earth by supporting Birth

Mothers bring forth life; medical corporations do not. Birth can be simple, powerful and loving. Fetal positioning, natural birthing and practical help for normal birth.