Saturday, March 7, 2009

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Health System glitches, no insurance, no obstetrian...

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Institute Sees More Americans Losing Insurance

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) Feb 24 - More Americans will lose their health insurance as the economy weakens, health care becomes more expensive and fewer employers offer coverage, the U.S. Institute of Medicine said in a report Tuesday...

An institute panel urged the White House and Congress to take urgent steps to ensure all Americans have coverage. The government says 45.7 million Americans, or 15 percent, had no public or private health insurance in 2007.

President Barack Obama Monday announced a summit on health care next week...

....Meanwhile in Minnesota, we are marching for better birth at lower cost. What will it take?

On the East Coast, hospitals are replacing Obstetricians with "Laborists."

These are doctors paid $125-150 an hour to come in and catch babies. The mother receives no continuity of care, other than her chart. The benefit, Obstetricians claim, is that the mother will have a safer, less sleep deprived person to help them, and that less mistakes will be made.

Funny how we find out the dangers of a maternity practice only when a replacement is on the scene. Obstetricianists will claim that home birth, or even midwifery, isn't safe and then this comes out that they are saying that they themselves aren't safe... Oh brother.

Another reason for a doula, bring someone with you whose slept the night before!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Susan's legislative update

Susan Lane for the MN Better Birth Coalition:
"We have four bills, one almost done, one introduced but not heard and two in preparation.
The one that passed the Senate today (SF 401) gives women in Minnesota hospitals the right to continuous doula from a certified doula of her choice; it's expected to pass the House on Monday. [Susan Lane led the way on this bill with our legislator heros.]
[Senator Berglin's bill] has been introduced but not heard in committee [and] would establish free standing birth centers (SF 0780).
The two that are being written for introduction this year include one that protects women seeking a vaginal birth after cesarean, and one that would require insurers to pay for evidence-based applications that are currently not consistently covered, such as doula care, home birth, and childbirth education.

All legislation is based on the findings of the Milbank report, and the MN Better Birth Coalition exists to pursue the recommendations in that report.

Overall, the report reveals that as costs for childbirth have risen, the outcomes for both mothers and babies have declined. The very good news in this report is that the way to reverse that trend, to have better outcomes for mothers and babies, is to apply less costly, low tech methods, to have greater transparency and better informed mothers. We can save money and have healthier women and babies.
For details of this report, see and enter Milbank Report in the search.

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