Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Coalition for Breech Birth Conference

Life made sure I went to the Coalition for Breech Birth Conference in Ottawa, Canada.

Robin Guy and her Coalition co-madres joined efforts with Midwife Betty-Anne Daviss. They brought several top breech experts to Canada to share their hope to continue vaginal breech birth on Earth. Starting with Dr.s Andre' Lelonde and Robert Gagnon of the SOCG and ending with Ina May Gaskin, I also got to meet Jane Evans of the UK.
Jane reminds me so much of my late partner and friend, Jan Hofer. They both so get birth and what's important without getting lost in the mental maze, and at the same time, Jane Evans explained breech cardinal movements so well that several of the OBs were saying that now the lights were on. Now they got it and would be trying hands and knees breech birth when they got back to their cities.
Dr.s Frank Louwen and Anke Reitter came with cheerful stats on knees and elbows position (hands and knees, but without straining the wrists). Of 300 breech births with mothers using "knees and elbow" position, only 2 needed help with extended arms and head, even the footlings. Even the primes. This correlates perfectly with midwife observations of hands and knees breech births. Hands-off-the-breech really means hands off. They also didn't touch the baby, basically until trying to catch the baby in mid air before the baby hit the mattress. Hands-off doesn't mean don't touch until the umbilical cord is out, but rather until the head has just come out past the parietal bones and you prevent a fall.

So check these resources for current breech conversations
Society for Obstetrics and Gynaecology of Canada Guidelines for Vaginal Breech Birth
Stand and Deliver
Hands off the Breech by Jane Evans

and of course, The Breech info has been reorganized, made simpler, but more detailed.

Have fun surfing, there's lots more, but I have to go make dinner...


Sora said...

Dr. Louwen and his team have actually done over 1000 breech births since 2002, and over 300 in knee-elbow position. The 98 number is from their preliminary study comparing the knee-elbow position to mom-on-her-back, after which they decided to use knee-elbow for all their breech deliveries. So it was only 2 out of 300 that needed a full set of Loveset maneuvers, not 2 out of 98.

Spinning Babies Lady said...

Oh, thank you, Sora!! You've helped me make sense of my notes! I didn't hear the 1000 number. Thank you.

bbcatcher said...

This just confirms for me what I've observed empirically--woman, when left to choose their own birth position without "directions" from the midwife, physician, or nurse, will often choose a hands and knees, or elbows and knees position. When are we going to start trusting birth? Of course women will instinctively choose the optimal position to get their baby out.

svquietly said...

With all due respect,

I am Jan Hofer's eldest daughter (eldest of her 12 chidren).

Jan Hofer worked with the system (and was a fire ant, so to speak - when need be).

All ladies considering a natural, at home birth should look up Jan Hofer and Jeannie Brazile thoughts

The thoughts are ever changing .. but are not.

I applaud all women that figure out what my mom did ..

Take care,

Terri Hofer

Spinning Babies Lady said...

Teri, I'm so glad to "meet" you on my blog. I was talking to a dear friend just today (the day I found your post a two weeks after you posted it) about your beautiful mother with whom I attended births for over 8 years and knew much longer. She took me to breech births with her and we talked and studied and analyzed videos and practiced with a doll and plastic pelvis. Oh, I could go on. She told me about you with her eyes shining with love. You were sailing and I didn't meet you ( a LOT of sailing, :) Bless your heart. I ask myself "What would Jan do?" many many times a month.

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