Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Spinning Babies on the net

Its fun to come across references to SpinningBabies.com so I thought I'd share one with you. The links are from google...

You spin me right round baby right round... - Hackney Birth Doula

If you've got a little tinker in your tummy who isn't responding to your daily cries of, 'for Pete's sake turn round', take a look at the Spinning Babies site.
Hackney Birth Doula - http://rebeccaschiller.posterous.com/

I got a big kick out of this one!

Monday, August 30, 2010

BellyraMa and Belly Painting

BellyraMA was glorious! 200 yoga mamas, pregnant and new, dads, doulas - and me! Painting bellies along the lake was bliss. The video is too small.

"Throughout the day I have received such positive energy from people reacting to your painting - the energy flowing through me right now is incredible! I feel so grateful... for one, grateful for the attention and love you gave our baby, [husband] and myself. Thank you!" said Hannah, who is due now.

Alisa let this painting announce her new baby to the community!

Her Blooma and Childbirth Collective friends came up and said,

"Does this mean what I think it means?"

Here's a 27 week baby peaking out at us. Don't worry, she'll get head down soon.

See Gail's list of coming events at Spinning Babies and...classes and events.

Friday, August 27, 2010

And so she did!

I got to attend another little breechling yesterday as a doula with our beloved Dr. Denny. What a strong mama! Oh, my.
She and her husband live in rural WI and at 38 weeks when her local OB told her that her baby was breech and he was scheduling a cesarean, she just knew that surgical birth didn't make sense for all breeches. That's when she started her journey. Based on her inner knowing she got online and found Dr. Hartung and myself (I got to be her doula).
Isn't her connection to her inner sense wonderful. I could cry, its so heartening to have someone come to her knowing with no birth community, no exposure, in this time, on this topic. She felt that women could birth their breech babies. And so she did.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Send more Belly Mapping Workbooks!

I love the sound of this:
"...need more The Belly Mapping Workbooks.
Sold the last one I had this morning"

Writing connects many members of a community. I wrote to pregnant women and their doulas, and yes, to the young midwife. Our community is much broader! Certainly, educators, caregivers and grandmothers, yes; but also book sellers, photographers, producers and all walks of supportive people! Amazing!

We're going to meet more as Angie Wiechmann, my editor, and I go to the 50th Anniversary Mega Conference for Lamaze and ICEA Sept 30 to October 3. We'll be the ones in exhibit hall painting bellies, listening to pregnant women, showing a few techniques in our 10 x 10 booth, and oh, yes, selling The Belly Mapping Workbook!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Breech birth comparison

Rae Davies sent along a breech birth link of a clinic birth shown on a NYtimes.com clip. She says about the Frank Breech Birth clip I posted in June,
"Thank you for sharing this - it's refreshing to see after I just watched a film by renowned NY Times Journalist and author of "Half the Sky" Nick Kristoff. Compare and contrast http://video.nytimes.com/video/2007/02/24/opinion/1194817102255/mothers-at-risk.html. "

This frank breech little girl is born with a partial breech extraction. The hips are born and then the doctor manipulates the baby the rest of the way out. Its not the low risk approach. The doctor did the best she could given her training and the custom of using a non-physiological birth position. Its tough to watch this birth, but the doctor is competent. She has to retry the Brant maneuver after repositioning the baby to let the nape of the neck out (hairline at the back of the head at the top of the neck). The setting is not what we might consider mother or baby friendly, but others may think this was the safe way for the baby to be born! The funny think is the comment that the baby may have been born in the street if the birth had been just ten minutes earlier. And that have been any worse, why??

A physiological breech birth involves a birthing position in sync with the pelvic design. I'll emphasize the kneeling position with the mother leaning forward, perhaps on hands and knees, perhaps knee-elbow. The baby enters the pelvis in active labor in whatever active birth positions the mother is drawn to use. When the first bit of baby only first appears, the mother may be asked to be kneeling if she isn't already. It is a typical position for women to get into spontaneously.

Now gravity helps pull the baby to the anterior sacrum position by the time that the abdomen appears. The baby faces the back and as the helper is behind the mother, the helper sees the baby's cord easily. The arms come spontaneously and then the baby seems to be sitting on the towels between the mother's knees. The chin appears and then the mouth and nose. With the next contraction the head comes out and now the helper can touch the baby!
All this time no one touches the baby or the mother. UK Midwife Jane Evans reports 1 in 100 physiological breech births needed help with arms. Germany physicians Frank Louwen and Anke Rietter report 2 needing help among 300 knee-elbow breech births.

We're at a breech birth today. Mom laboring slowly but encouragingly. We are in the hospital and anticipating a hands-off breech birth in hands and knees position if the baby continues to come down so nicely. Don't expect a clip, though. ;)

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