Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mujer alumba en motoconcho, no le dio tiempo entrar al hospital

Ok, you're going to have to watch the first 30 seconds a few times.
This birth will first confuse you because the mother is leaning back
on a motor cycle! She's just been driven into the ER which I
think is quite resourceful.
(The sound is terrible. Its probably videoed from a cell phone.)
Ok, now what are you seeing?
The baby is born breech and comes readily - a good size boy
born in the "Impossible" breech position which is
Sacrum posterior. (I've seen in calmer conditions, too)
The worry is the chin will get stuck on the pubic bone. And I suppose
it must have happened to someone. But here we see the boy shoot out
into the woman's hands, good catch. Whether she is a doctora or a
nurse, the camera is now on her, rather than the mother and baby!
Wow, fast birth, fast catch fast camera action.

What a woman! What a driver!

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Jennifer said...

From the looks of it the woman who caught the baby isn't a medical professional at all, just someone who happened to step up when she saw the motorcycle driver trying to hold the baby in with one hand. The mother, the driver and the babycatcher are going to be telling that story for a long time.

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