Thursday, July 31, 2014

Encouragement to a new Baby Spinner

There is much for a birth worker (doula, nurse, midwife, family medicine or obstetrician)
to learn at Spinning Babies. There is often a transitionary phase between workshop and confidence. 

Observe the mother with your new paradigm and listen to intuitive guidance. From this gentle approach you begin introducing comfort measures and balancing activities appropriate to  nurture a calm inner focus of the late pregnancy hormonal state.

The new Baby Spinner will begin to notice that pain is not something pregnant women have to accept as a normal part of pregnancy. You have seen in class that something can be done. 

Pain that is not associated with the muscle and joint movement of a normal progressing labor may be a sign of imbalance. In any case, lengthening and softening core muscles gives room for baby.

Look for ways to find balance in pregnancy first, and labor when its happening. 
What activities add balance? 

Are the 3 Sisters appropriate? The standing sacral release?

You will grow in confidence as you try your ideas in gentle ways to nurture your women.  
As you listen, you will be led. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

What I'll talk about at Lamaze DONA conference 2014

 September 18, 2014 from 8-noon, I'll be talking how educator's can gracefully talk about malposition in labor.
Come on down to Kansas City!

Resolving Fetal Malposition in Labor; An Educator’s Opportunity
Presented by Gail Tully, CPM, CD (DONA)
Given the increased complication and intervention rates of posterior and asynclitic babies childbirth educators and doulas need to know facts, solutions and practice strategies to prepare to resolve fetal malposition in Labor.
This session will explore reasons for malposition and ways we can communicate its dangers to parents.
Childbirth educators, labor an delivery nurses, doulas and other childbirth practitioners will be able to prepare a plan to minimize a labor stall due to posterior arrest with epidural use, describes a technique to open the pelvic brim for fetal engagement in labor and demonstrates a technique to resolve transverse arrest.

   If you've heard me talk, check out Patty Brennen as she talks about writing winning grant proposals to prosper your birth work. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

His flipping was the talk of OB

 Edited Emails, (Consultation call missing)
KC Teasley writes,

Dear Gail,

I wish to have a natural birth with no medical intervention. My baby is incomplete breech with his left foot by his face. He is also turned to my left. My amniotic fluid levels fluctuate between 14 and 10 percent.

I've never given birth. I believe natural birth is best for my baby and me. Obviously if something is terribly wrong I will do anything I have to do to take care of him.

I am desperate to have my child moved for natural labor and delivery... I have been doing everything from all the positions you list: I've been doing all the yoga, Spinning Babies positions, cold pack, flash lights music, talking [to baby], standing on my hands in a pool, seeing a chiropractor for the Webster adjustments. Today I had an ECV scheduled but opted out because the Dr. said she would have to have an OR team ready and most likely could pull his hip out of joint! Of course, I don't want that!

They have me scheduled for the 25th of this month for a C/section. I will be a little over 39 weeks on the 25th. My baby would loose all the benefits of being born naturally.

The doctor was not enthusiastic and made [vaginal birth] sound like such a burden, stupid and risky so I'm left feeling very confused and second-guessing the decision not to have [a cesarean].

Thank you for any help!

Gail and KC had a consultation call and afterwards, Gail wrote:

Dear Kacey, 

I'm so hopeful for the 
  • release of the broad ligament, round ligament, 
  • the muscles to the pelvic floor to be lengthened; 
  • the muscle border between your abdomen and the underside of your ribs, and 
  • the muscles to your hips to be released;
  • and your hip sockets to be gently distracted and compressed, 
  • followed by circles to the least resistance 
but not forced with any of these moves.

Rebozo sifting (Manteado)
5 Forward leaning inversions a day for 1 min each [30-seconds is usual], but not after meals. 
Followed by [use of an] inversion table or breech tilt or the open-knee chest for 10-minutes minimum;
Sidelying release for ten minutes or more on each side,
repeat and have your arm up over your head to stretch upper back muscles and help your respiratory diaphragm.

Look on youtube for myofascial release, 
and for toning and lengthening pelvic floor muscles.
Reference Leslie Howard, or Katy Bowman and look for tips to relieve pelvic pain. Pelvic floor pain techniques [are often] the same exercises to lengthen [and tone] your pelvic muscles. 
Deep hypnotic conversations with your baby is another proven technique.
Can your chiropractor do a myofascial technique for release a diaphragmatic hernia. To get rid of heartburn ? And that is a good breech flipping technique. 

If you do not have high blood pressure or glaucoma:
Can you do 5 forward-leaning inversions and 3 breech tilts today and tomorrow, and Sunday??
Stop inverting if you feel kicks in a new and higher place [indicating the baby may have flipped].

Another goal is finding an experienced, skilled practitioner [who may help with a vaginal breech birth].
Dr. Peter O'Neill is in Winnipeg, Ontario.

I so admire your strength. 
Keep in touch!

I have been to the chiropractor 5 times now for the Webster adjustments and I feel the baby get very active afterwards.

Thank you for being so diligent with me! I feel like whatever happens someone was on my side and I appreciate that!


I had my baby on June 21st vaginally! I went in on Friday with contractions. My Dr. was on call at the hospital, she says, 

"Oh my God, he isn't breech!"

His flipping was the talk of the OB! Everyone wanted to know how we accomplished that and I told them I had a consultation with Spinning Babies, Chiropractic, yoga, ice packs, flashlights, music, talking, and Lots of Prayer!

I was dilated all the way up to 9 and my water still hadn't broken so the Dr. popped it. Instant relief! I watched my belly slowly sink down and it was so nice. The contraction I had been going through we're not pleasant but when they were over I was ok.

After about 10 minutes of draining, I got up to use the bathroom and as I was walking I got hit with the worst contractions! There was no build up. This was crippling. I hung onto the door and for the first time since they started I started like a high-pitched squealing! The nurse came in asked if I wanted an epidural and I looked at my husband, who said, "You told me to remind you that you wanted to do this naturally.'' I told him the other contractions didn't feel like this and I was already at 9 getting ready to have a baby. I caved at 9! Ugh!

But it worked out!  As I was delivering, the baby went sunny side up and got stuck. My pushing didn't do anything and the epidural was wearing off. So the Dr. put her hands inside and helped turn him manually! She later explained that if I hadn't had the epidural she would not have risked turning him like that and would have given me the C section anyways! She also said I ripped because she turned him but if baby would have just come out normally she didn't think I would of.

So even though I didn't get everything I wanted, at least my baby came out vaginally, had a milked placenta [the blood in the cord was squeezed into the baby], was immediately placed on my chest, daddy cut the cord, and spun a baby!

I loved all the questions the Dr. and nurses were asking about turning him! It's funny, I don't see the medical community, chiropractic, or midwife community working together. The advice the Dr. originally gave me was basically a cat/cow yoga pose and a pamphlet on c/section for breech.

How many more women don't know there are options 
and hope for not having major surgery?

it was the most beautiful experience for me and my husband. Soren is amazing and we feel so blessed and privileged he is ours!

Soren weighed 8.6 lbs, is 22 inches long, with a head circumference of 14 1/2 inches! Born at 39 weeks 1 day.  My doctor was so surprised and said she's never seen a 22-inch baby spin around at the end of a pregnancy!
It's like the stars aligned just for us!  Thank you for making yourself available to help us!

 Kc Kacey, William and Soren Demarest

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