Thursday, September 3, 2015

Birthful podcast with Gail and Adriana

What is the key to an easier birth?
How do we get there?
Adriana Lozada interviewed Gail on her wonderful Mirthful Podcast.

Hear the inside scoop on the beliefs I share through the message of Spinning Babies. You'll hear about birth anatomy in a totally new way. More than the basics are given, so get your cup of tea. If you have a doll grab it for late in the podcast and line your baby up in the baby positions with Gail and Adriana.

Here's some illustrations that will help you understand the baby positions and pelvic shapes!

What is Dip the Hip? See it in action here,
After this podcast I got some really good body work on my respiratory diaphragm and the sexy breathiness is now gone. Sigh.

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