Friday, June 16, 2017

Resolving Shoulder Dystocia in Europe

I just got to teach Resolving Shoulder Dystocia in Italy and in Amsterdam. The wisdom and experience of these midwife "students" is immense, humble, and inclusive to my perspective.

As midwives, we love to come together and learn from one another. Where else can midwives share insights and experiences unique to our experiences as midwives. This is particularly true about birth complications such as shoulder dystocia (baby's head is born but the shoulders remain stuck inside the pelvis). For those midwives who attend home births, we want to hear variations of experience and how other midwives "figured it out!"

Our fingers know that what they find is not always described in the medical literature. Learning from one another prepares us for the unique situations in which books can not contain.

Hear midwives stories and learn how to resolve five types of shoulder dystocia in Gail's video,

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