Sunday, September 26, 2010

Organic Birth Movie

Congratulations, Debra Pascali-Bonaro on Going Green
Angie and I will be selling Organic Birth at the LAMAZE ICEA CONFERENCE in Milwaukee, WI this coming weekend!

Our Spinning Babies exhibit will offer both Organic Birth, 57 minutes, $19.99 and
Orgasmic Birth, 72 minutes, $29.99
at this special conference pricing.

ORGANIC BIRTH is a tighter, 52-minute updated version of the original 85-minute ORGASMIC BIRTH film. It has new expanded Midwife content and focuses more on the benefits of Midwife-Assisted and Natural Birth options than the original film. This shorter length will work better when used in Childbirth Education and it has easier chapter navigation for quickly accessing specific topics or scenes.
Come to Booth 331 this weekend and get your copy!


mamasara said...

Is there any way that I can order a copy of this video without atending the conference?

Spinning Babies Lady said...


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